Challenging Worries

Write down:

What am I worrying about ?

List my worrisome thought.

Then answer the following questions:-

  • What am I predicting is going to happen ?
  • How strongly do I believe this will happen?
  • What emotions am I feeling?
  • How intense are these emotions?

Now challenge your worries:-

  • What is the evidence for my prediction?
  • What is the evidence against my prediction?
  • How likely on a scale of 0-100% is what I am predicting likely to happen?
  • What is the worst that could happen?
  • What is the best that could happen?
  • How helpful is it for me to worry about this?
  • Will I still be worrying about this problem in a week/months time?
  • If the worst did happen, what would I do to cope?
  • How else could I view this situation?

Answering the above should engage you with more balanced thinking. What would be a more balanced way of looking at the worry? How can I replace the worry?


  • Re-rate how much you believe the original prediction is true
  • Re-rate how intense you feel the emotions you had originally


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