Anxiety Self Help Questions

Questions to ask yourself

What are the facts for my worry ?

What is the evidence for this thought being true ?

Has this been true in the past ?

What are the chances of this happening, or this being true ?

What is the worst thing that could happen ?

Why is that the worst thing, and why so bad ?

What would I do if the worst thing happened ?

Am I looking at the whole picture ?

Am I being objective ?

Are there other ways of looking at this ?

If someone I knew had this thought, what would I say to them ?

What are the alternative thoughts I could have ?

Is there an alternative explanation for my worry ?


  • Make a list of all your positive qualities and strengths, don’t include anything negative
  • Tell yourself that what you perceive as your weaknesses are all part of human nature. Nobody is perfect
  • Remember that you and your behaviour are NOT the same thing. Even if you do make a mistake it doesn’t mean you are a bad person
  • Understand  your Anxiety. Knowledge is POWER, accept that you understand anxiety and  its manifestation for you, you don’t need to be alarmed by it.
  • Have compassion for yourself. Don’t blame yourself for thinking and feeling the  way you do. This time will pass !!
  • Challenge your thoughts. Say ‘ I don’t have to accept these thoughts’ they are just      thoughts.
  • Use Positive Affirmations
  • Get a better perspective, scale your thoughts 0-10 aim to bring the scale down
  • Do a cost/ benefit analysis looking at advantages and disadvantages of your thoughts. How does this help me or does it hurt me?
  • Do some relaxation, a three minute breathing exercise.

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