Mindful awareness greatly enhances the joys of daily life. In practice even the smallest of things suddenly become captivating again.

There are two MODES of the mind



The doing mode is truly brilliant at automating our life using habits. We do so much automatic thinking, working, eating, driving without clear awareness of what we are doing. The danger is that you miss much of life this way.

 Mindfulness brings you back again and again to full conscious awareness; a place of choice and intention and BEING in the moment.

 The Mindful BEING mode allows you to become fully conscious of your life again. It provides you with the ability to ‘ check in’ with yourself from time to time so that you can make intentional choices. When you become more mindful, you bring your intentions and actions back into alignment rather than being constantly sidetracked by your autopilot. You learn to stop wasting time pointlessly running through the same old habits of thinking and doing that have long since stopped serving any useful purpose. It also means that you a less likely to end up striving for too long towards goals that it might be wiser to let go of for a while. You become fully alive and aware again to what has become dead through habitual thinking and DOING.

Mindfulness teaches us at our thoughts are just thoughts; they are events in the mind. They are often valuable but they are not always reality. They are your internal running commentary on yourself and the world. This simple recognition frees you from the dislocated reality that we have conjured up for ourselves through endless worrying, brooding and ruminating. You can see a clear path through life again.

Useful Reading :- Mindfulness, a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world.

By:- Mark Williams & Danny Penman

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