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What to do when you feel angry

STOP! Pause, take a breath, don’t react automatically  Walk away – you can come back and talk later      Ask yourself: What am I reacting to?  What is it that’s really pushing my buttons here?  Am I getting things out of proportion?  How important is this really?  How important will […]


Anger Responses

  Anger is a result of thinking that we have been unfairly treated or disrespected, or that others have broken or fallen short of our rules, standards or expectations, and we won’t stand for it. Thinking this way leads us to feel angry, which stimulates the body’s adrenaline response which is our body’s way of […]


When a relationship is not healthy

It is important to work towards building healthy relationships. It is equally important to identify if a relationship is not healthy and abusive. Generally people think in terms of abuse as involving physical actions. It is not only limited to the physical; emotional abuse can be just as devastating. Physical abuse is serious and is […]