Divorce and Separation

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The very process of divorce or separation is of itself extremely stressful. Emotions can be raw and very difficult to manage. This is completely normal. At such a challenging time you need all the help and support you can get. Families and friends, with the best intentions, are sometimes too close to be objective and simply don’t know how best to help. I can help you manage the complex and difficult feelings and emotions you will be subject to by providing the extra support that personal therapy can give you.

The particular issues you are probably trying to manage will be things like: Anger, change, conflict, disappointment, loss and moving on.

Managing children and their emotions is also a major issue. The divorce journey doesn’t have to be a fraught one .

I can help you manage :-

The divorce journey

What children need and don’t need

Age appropriate responses

Parental communication

Dealing with contact

Support networks

The emotional divorce

Moving on and life after separation or divorce

Research has repeatedly shown that the divorce experience does not have to harm children if it is handled well by both parties.